Covid Secure

safety solutions

For pubs, bars, restaurants, hotels, retail and other locations needing beautiful, flexible, additional space


In a world of social distancing

Size matters

Safety may be the new luxury and for that you need space

COst effective revenue growth through space

Pubs and bars need to find new operating models.  How to create an experience for your customers that will appeal time and again.

Sufficient space to social distance will be a key element. 


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Amazing spaces

In difficult places

Restaurants and bistros and gastro pubs need more space for diners.  But you have taken great care to build a great ambiance in your existing set up.  The new space needs also to be magical to keep the atmosphere and the customers coming back. 


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Just a canopy

ready to use space 

Furloughed staff, and just you and maybe a small team to do all the planning and preparation?  Don't know which way to turn.  We can give you everything from just a simple covered space to a fully built and ready to use venue.   Our years of experience in the events industry means you can rely on us.

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Flexible canopies make

flexible spaces 

At school, whether you need a classroom or a canopy so the students can be outside when it is raining during break, and therefore keeping further apart, you will end up with the same probelms - you need more covered space.


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Transform awkward spaces

amazing places 

Wedding organisers and venues need to build confidence in clients that there are safe solutions.  Safety is the new luxury, and with more "at risk" people at weddings, space and social distancing will be essential.

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queueing in the rain Or

Protective canopies 

Limits on the number of peope in a retail environment leads to queueing.  With the sun shining, this may be acccepted as the new normal, but when the rain starts to fall?

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