Next Steps


So you have a problem.  How to return to business and make a profit as soon as possible.   You may or may not know what restrictions will be in place when you do. 

But you are sure that more, beautiful, amazing, usable space will make things possible.  Not every business or organisation is going to come through this.  Make sure you are one that does.


Think of all the possibilities if you had flexible solutions for all the spaces you have available.  Which spaces, if brought in to use, would make the biggest difference?

Get in touch

The get in touch with us to discuss options.  Phone, email, facebook, whatever.  We'd love to work with you to discover possibilities.  We will give you an outline of likely costs at this stage.


If the budgets work, then we need to design your solution in detail.  It may be relatively simple.  It may be very complex.  What space are we using?  How can we cover it?  What needs to go inside? When do you need it and for how long?


Finally, when you like the design, we can agree what sort of deal you want, and what the costs will be.  Sign up and plan the install date, or leave that flexible depending on when you are ready.